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Author: Dan

Change Invicta Watch Battery

Invicta Watches are military grade, modern, high quality machines. When attempting to change Invicta watch battery, you’ll encounter tight design tolerances.How to Change Invicta Watch BatteryIt’s best to have an Invicta professional watch technician change the battery for a number of reasons:Tight Waterproof Case Design. Almost all Nixon’s are made to go to the bottom of the ocean. You’ll see a…

Watch Battery Replacement Cost

Watch Battery Replacement Cost

What does watch battery replacement cost? We at WatchGnome think this is a simple question to answer. WatchGnome charges $29.95 to replace a watch battery by mail. No shipping cost or hidden fees, just fast service and simple straight forward pricing.  There are many different local options to get your watch battery replaced but what will be…

Quick watch battery replacement

Get your time back! Send your favorite watch to the gnomes for fast, easy and quick watch battery replacement. We are now accepting watches and our estimated turn around time is under 2 weeks! Our gnomes are standing by and ready to repair. They love to tinker and will have your ticker back in working…

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