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Bringing top quality, hassle free watch battery replacement to all 50 states.


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Watch Gnome History

 Watch Battery Replacement Service

We originally started Watch Gnome a few years ago because we were frustrated with the time, energy and struggle it took to accomplish the simple task of getting a watch battery changed. We (Co-Founders) each had multiple watches sitting in a drawer, not working because of the hassle required to get them running. As it turns out, we aren't the only ones and Watch Gnome's watch battery replacement service quickly took off.

After both having several frustrating and expensive mishaps with their “local watch guys”, Nick and Dan realized there needed to be a better solution to get watch batteries replaced. We wanted the work done by top quality technicians, at affordable prices and without all the hassle.

So Watch Gnome was founded 3 months later to connect watch lovers with anywhere in the United States to our top quality watch technicians via our hassle free, mail service.

We are excited with the fantastic feedback we receive from our customers. We’ve helped people from all 50 states and even US soldiers stationed overseas. We regularly have customers ship us 5 or 6 watches at a time. Watches are a very personal item and we aim to make customers for life!



WatchGnome to the rescue!

Simple, quick, easy.

We mail you a secure box, you put your watch into the box and mail it back. Our team of gnomes gets to work replacing your battery. Give us a day or two and your watch will be back in the mail to you, that easy!

What if it's not the battery?

Like maybe you killed that special friend of yours? That's cool, our gnomes fix watches too. Our gnomes cannot tell whats wrong until they get their hands on your watch, so let us take a look and get back to you with a price.

Free Return Shipping & Insurance Included!