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Watch Battery Replacement Cost

Watch Battery Replacement Cost

Watch Battery Replacement Cost
What Should a Watch Battery Replacement Cost?

What does watch battery replacement cost? We at WatchGnome think this is a simple question to answer. WatchGnome charges $29.95 to replace a watch battery by mail. No shipping cost or hidden fees, just fast service and simple straight forward pricing.  There are many different local options to get your watch battery replaced but what will be the cost?

Watch Battery Replacement Cost

The answer to this question is, it depends. It can be hard to gauge what is a fair and reasonable price to pay for a watch battery replacement. There are a few different types of places that replace watch batteries and they all have different prices based on the type of store and service level.

The Jewelry Store

The jewelry store is a common choice for watch battery replacement. When comparing watch battery replacement costs at local options the jewelry store is the most expensive. The jewelry store is a high end low volume operation. They often refer to themselves as local watch repair and imply convenience, but they make their money on a few customers a day, so you’ll be paying a high end price for the service. Plus, most stores don’t have a full staffed watch technician, so you’ll have to wait 3 – 5 days to get your watch. The price? $30 – $50

The Watch Repair/Cash for Gold Shop

Oh the trusty shop that can replace my watch battery while trying to buy my gold wedding ring for pennies on the dollar. Many customers tell us this was the place they used to take their watches. What is the reason they switch to WatchGnome? The don’t like to haggle for the price of a watch battery replacement. These guys tend to wheel and deal. They charge what they think you’ll pay for the service. Bring in a nicer watch and you’ll pay more even though the watch battery replacement may not be any different than any other watch. If you decide to go this route expect to pay $20 – $35.

The “We Sell Everything” Store

A few big box stores offer watch battery replacement. When comparing watch battery replacement cost, this is your cheapest option. The catch is, you never know what you are going to get. Since these places don’t specialize in the service and it’s often not a big money maker for them, you run the risk of a sloppy repair. You may not be dealing with a trained technician and that means they may use the wrong tools to open your watch and set your battery. What will this set you back? 15 – 25 bucks.

The WatchGnome Cost

At WatchGnome our focus is watch battery replacement by mail. We try to be as honest and fair as we can be. We don’t make much on each order, instead our model is to replace a lot of watch batteries and offer great service to our customers. That’s why we only charge $29.95. This cost includes shipping so you don’t even have to leave the house.

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