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Watch Repair: Professional, Affordable & Hassle Free

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So much more than just watch batteries

Here at WatchGnome, we don’t just stop at watch battery replacement. Our Gnomes can also handle any watch repair you may need. We service both new and vintage timepieces, so regardless of what you have, our expert technicians can get your favorite watch looking and working better than ever.

 Professional Watch Repair

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Full service  watch repairs

We service all brands ranging from Citizen Watches and Omega to Seiko, Invicta and more. Whether you need a simple crystal replacement or more complicated refurbishment or repair, we will handle it all via our full service mail process, email and phone so that you get the same great service and convenience that Watch Gnome is known for.

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How it works

The process is similar to our watch battery replacement service. We do it all through the mail, so you can use your time for more important (or fun) things.

  1. We send you a protected box and pre-paid shipping label back to us.
  2. You pack up your watch and pop it in the mail.
  3. When we receive your watch, our Gnome Techs will evaluate your watch and call or email you with our proposed care plan and estimate.
  4. Once you approve, we charge your credit card and get started on the work. Once completed and tested to 100% satisfaction, we ship it straight back to you.


Watch repair pricing

The price of watch repair depends on the make, model, year and service needed. We have outlined a few estimates below, but your exact price may differ. We will be able to give you a final price once we have a chance to examine your timepiece. You should receive your estimate with 1-2 days of our receipt of  you watch (depending on the level of care needed).

  • Watch crystal replacement: $35 – $100
  • Clasp Replacement/Repair: $35 – $100
  • Band Replacement/Repair: $30 – $150
  • Watch Stem & Crown Replacement: $40 – $100
  • Movement Replacement: $75 – $200

Watch repair option

If for any reason you get your Watch Gnome repair quote and choose not to proceed with the repair, our Gnomes will be disappointed, but we completely understand. You are not required to proceed with the work. In that case, we will promptly return your watch. If you change your mind, repair quotes are valid for 30 days and we will apply the original shipping costs to your repair.


Free Return Shipping & Insurance Included!