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Timex Watch Repair | Professional Service By Mail

Hassle Free Timex watch repair from America’s #1 online Timex watch repair and Timex watch battery replacement company. We’ll get your Timex watch up and running again without all the hassle of going to your standard watch shop.

Let us help with our fast and affordable mail in watch repair. Save time and money, and request your prepaid Timex watch repair and glass repair box today.

Hassle Free Timex Watch Repair

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Timex Watch Repair Specialists | About The Workshop

  1. timex watch repairSpecialized Watch Repair for your Timex: Get an estimate on your repair from Watch Gnome that fits your schedule and budget and repair needs. Once we get your watch, we’ll begin working on it right away. Choose one of our concierge services and we’ll mail you a prepaid box with all you need to send us your watch safely.
  2. Watch Gnome Repair Service: Package your Timex watch with the included bag and protective padding, and then mail it in for repair at our Denver based workshop. We’ll take great care of your watch through the whole process and we’ll send you regular updates on its status.
  3. The Workshop | Timex Watch Repair: Once your watch is in the mail, it takes about 2 to 3 days for it to arrive at our Denver workshop, no matter where in the US you send it from. We’ll begin your Timex watch repair by carefully cleaning and inspecting your watch before getting into any repairs. Often times, all it needs is a new battery.
  4. Free Return Shipping Included:  Once our pros have finished your Timex watch repair, we’ll send your watch back to you. Our service includes shipping and tracking, so you don’t have to worry about any extra fees at the end and you’ll know where your watch is at any moment during the process.

Free Watch Repair Estimate >

Timex Watch Repair Price

We are the fastest and easiest way to get your watch repair or battery replacement. Watch Gnome technicians handle dozens of watches each day, which means you get highly trained experts working on your watch.

Timex is known as a brand of durable and fashionable sensibility. Their watches and other products reflect that understanding of what is valuable – quality, functionality, and consistency. Timex watches are made with the highest level of precision and technology.

What is our Timex watch repair price?

Price for our Timex service start at $20 for a standard battery change and range from $50 – about $100 for other repairs like Timex watch glass replacements.

It depends on exactly which model Timex you have and what repairs we need to do, but our competitive pricing is better than your local watch repair shops’. Plus we offer you the convenience of not even leaving your house. No multiple trips to the mall, just excellent service while you make better use of your time.

Get started today. If you know what your watch needs we can help you!

Do You Service Times Watches Near Me?

Absolutely, if you live in the United States and have access to a USPS mailbox – we can fix your Timex.

Free Return Shipping & Insurance Included!