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Online Battery Replacement

Detail of Watch Battery Removal

Get your watch battery replaced without leaving your house!

Watch batteries wear out, fact of life. Taking your watch battery to a store is a huge pain, fact of life. That's why we created the first online battery replacement site designed just for watches. Why waste hours of your time both taking your watch to a store and picking it back up? With online battery replacement, we mail a box directly to you, you pack your watch in it and mail it back. Our gnomes will get to work swapping your battery and then send it back. Then you get to bring that favorite time piece of yours back to life. All thanks to the gnomes, so check out our watch battery replacement service today!mens_watch_2

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Save time and money with online battery replacement

With online battery replacement you save time and money. No more trips to get your battery replaced, instead you get the convenience of mail order service. Order online and secure box will arrive at your house in a couple days. Drop your watch into our protected box and mail it back. We'll check your watch out, and replace the battery and send it back. The perfect service for anyone who has been procrastinating on getting that battery replaced. Our service saves time and money when compared to traditional watch repair. No more trips to the store or expensive jewelry repair bills, instead, quick and convenient service from the Gnomes.

Chances are if you are like us, you have several watches with dead batteries. We did, and that is why we thought we'd make it easy to bring those favorite watches back to life. With Watch Gnome online battery replacement all you need is to slip those favorite watches into our protected shipping box and send them to us. We'll take care of the rest and have your watches back to you in no time. Additional watches are only $15 to have their batteries replaced, so the more the merrier!

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How Online Battery Replacement Works

Request Padded Box

We ship a special box straight to your house to protect & package your watch. Get it in 2-3 Days!

Ship To Our Workshop

Use the included prepaid shipping label and packing materials. Drop your watch in any USPS mailbox.

We Get It Running

We inspect your watch, change the battery, polish it up & send it straight back to you!

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