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Local Watch Repair

Finding local watch repair options may not be a pain, but finding the time to take care of it certainly Watch 1can be. That's why we created Watch Gnome.

With our simple, full service mail in process, WatchGnome provides local watch repair and local watch battery replacement to anyone in the United States as long as you have a mailbox. (That's about 99.8% of the population - so we are pretty sure we've got your watch repair covered.)

How we make it "local watch repair"

Simple. We come to you. Wherever you are, we send you a watch box and pre-paid shipping label addressed to our workshop. When it arrives at your house, just put your watch inside the padded sleeve, add the label and put it back in the mail to our workshop. Once we complete the work, we send it straight back to your house. Most of our customers get their watch fixed without ever leaving their house. It doesn't get more local than your front door.

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More convenient for you

Our other big complaint with those other local watch repair shops was their limited business hours. 9-5 just isn't our style. Here at WatchGnome, we are 24/7. On our site, you can request your watch repair box anytime day or night. Once you receive it, you can pack it up and send it back to us for repair whenever you want. 4am? Lunch break? 11 at night? No problem. Watch Gnome was built with busy people like you in mind.

To make it as easy as possible, we ship all of our watch repairs using USPS priority mail. This means you can drop your watch into any USPS mailbox you want! We have access to all the tracking info and make sure we know where your watch is at all times.

Local watch repair doesn't get more local than coming straight to your front door!

We're easy to reach

Phone? Email? Chat? Letter? Carrier Pigeon. Whatever your style (almost), we can work with that. Our Gnomes are fantastic communicaters and eager to please, so just let us know what you need. We are local watch repair built with you in mind.

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