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Watch Gnome FAQs

What Area Do You Service?

Watch Gnome service is nationwide! We service all 50 states, Puerto Rico & even overseas DPO locations. If the United States Postal Service (USPS) comes to you, so does Watch Gnome.

What Watch Brands Do You Service?

We service all major watch brands, so don't worry. We've got you covered.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Watch?

Watch Gnome knows that watches can be expensive and very important personal items, so we will take great care of them. We will provide you with USPS tracking in all directions of the shipping we provide. You will get emails with tracking numbers so you can follow it through it's entire journey. We will also email you when we receive your watch and change the battery. You'll know exactly where it is, every step of the way!

Do You Service Waterproof Watches?

Absolutely! All of our services are designed to maintain the water resistance of your watch. We carefully inspect all seals, gaskets and closures to make sure it maintains your factory watch standards. We also reseal all screws and gaskets to recommended specs. If you suspect you watch might have lost some of it's factory water resistance, we can absolutely do a pressure test and report for you.

What Type Of Batteries Do You Use?

We use absolute top of the line batteries to ensure the longest battery life of your watch and top performance. We primarily use Energizer, Sony & Duracell batteries in your watch (depends on the make and model).

What If It's Not The Battery?

About 98% of the watches we receive for a watch battery replacement restart immediately - so this is a rare concern. But we believe in Top quality customer service. So if we can't get your watch running with a new battery, we will attempt to diagnose the problem and will call or email you with the results. If we can fix it, we'll try and take care of it for you. If we think it's an issue that will be covered by the watch manufacturer we will return your watch, and even refund the service portion of our fee.

How Long Does The Service Take?

It depends on whether you choose our Basic, Premium or Deluxe service. With our Basic service it depends on how you ship it to us, but you should get your watch back within 3-6 days of when WE RECEIVE it.

Our Premium service usually takes about 6-8 days from the time your order to the time you receive it back.

Our Deluxe service is designed for folks who need it back ASAP and this usually takes from 4-7 days in total time from order to getting your watch back.

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