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Eddie Bauer Watch Repair | Professional Service

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America's #1 Watch Repair Specialists

Did your Eddie Bauer stop running or did the watch crystal crack? Watch Gnome has been helping customers get their Eddie Bauer watch repaired and Eddie Bauer batteries changed quickly and hassle free for years. Our professional technicians service each watch to the closest standards to get your watch running like new.

Eddie Bauer Watch Repair Services


Select Your Eddie Bauer Watch Service

Battery Replacement

100% Via Mail | Flat Rate

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Crystal Replacement

100% Via Mail | Flat Rate

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Complete Crystal Service | $50

Other Service

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Simple Eddie Bauer Watch Repair Process

If you need a battery change or glass repair, the process is just a few clicks. Select the exact service you want and you can check out via our secure cart. 

  1. Then we ship you a padded box and prepaid return shipping label to our workshop in Denver, Colorado.
  2. When you get the box in 2-3 days, just pack your watch up and drop it back in the mail.
  3. When we get the watch, we service it and send it straight back to your home!

How To Repair An Eddie Bauer Watch

If your Eddie Bauer needs some extra love, our repair process couldn't be easier. Request your service online and then we'll ship your box to your house.

How Much Does Eddie Bauer Watch Repair Cost?

It all depends on what service you need, but services start at just $20 for a Basic Watch Battery replacement and inspection. If you need something more involved like a watch glass replacement, movement change prices range from $50 - $150+ for a full service.

We keep our repair prices incredibly affordable by putting our workshop in an affordable location and having highly specialized technicians who can do the work extremely efficiently.

Watch Gnome Pride

Many other companies make the process more complicated by forcing you to print forms, find packaging and sending your watch to them BEFORE they even give you a price. Many companies will also make things confusing by quoting a low price for your service and then charging you more when they provide the final "estimate". 

We wanted to do things differently. That's why we offer our watch battery replacement and Eddie Bauer Crystal repair for flat rates. We've done enough of these repairs to know what it costs and keep those prices low for you.

For other Eddie Bauer watch repair services it depends on the issue, but we guarantee a fair rate for the work. For that process we will send you the packaging you need to ship us your watch. Once we receive it, we'll give you a call and talk about the work it needs.

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American Based Company

Watch Gnome is based in Denver Colorado and our entire time lives and works in the United States. We are proud to offer American, professional craftsmanship and easy customer service to our customers.

Free Return Shipping & Insurance Included!