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Change Invicta Watch Battery

Invicta Watches are military grade, modern, high quality machines. When attempting to change Invicta watch battery, you'll encounter tight design tolerances.

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How to Change Invicta Watch Battery

It's best to have an Invicta professional watch technician change the battery for a number of reasons:

  • Tight Waterproof Case Design. Almost all Nixon's are made to go to the bottom of the ocean. You'll see a rating on the back of your watch ranging from 10 - 100 ATM (atmospheres). One atmosphere equals about 30 feet of depth. Because they are made to handle some of the harshest environments on earth, you must be incredibly careful when opening your watch back. If attempting to change Invicta watch battery yourself, never force anything. Screws and case backs should fit tightly but evenly. If you have to force anything, you are probably doing it the wrong way. 
  • Fine, Multifunction Movements. Invicta watches often have a number of additional features besides just the watch movement. Everything from chronographs to altimeters can be found inside of Invicta watches. Another very good reason to find a professional when looking to change Invicta watch battery.  A tiny speck of dust or a misplaced screw driver can damage or permanently destroy a critical piece of watch equipment. Only attempt a watch battery service in a dust free environment and make sure to only use non-magnetized tools.
  • Use a Quality Battery. At Watch Gnome we almost exclusively use Made in America Energizer batteries. They cost more than the cheap made in chia substitutes, but for us it's worth it. We love watches and it would kill us to put an inferior product inside any of our customers watches. We suggest you do the same. If you cannot find anyone locally who sells these Energizers, contact us and we'd be happy to send you one of ours. When changing an Incivta battery do it the right way and get the right tool for the job, your watch will thank you. Change Invicta watch battery with a 364, 371 or 395 size battery generally, you'll need to open your watch to confirm your exact battery size.
  • Proper watch resealing, locking and tensioning. Once the Nixon battery has been changed, the next step is to replace the arm and gently retighten the retaining screw. Replace the face retainer clip and then then retighten the caseback.

You Already Invested in an Invicta watch, invest in it's care

You are someone who invests in quality, that is why you own an Invicta. Take the time to invest in your watch and you'll get a lifetime of service from it. WHen looking to change Invicta watch battery trust someone who handles these watches everyday, don't try it at home. You'll be rewarded.


Professional Invicta Battery Replacement

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