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Watch Replacement By Mail

Watch Battery Replacement By Mail: What comes in the box?

Watch Replacement By Mail
WatchGnome sends you a padded box and waterproof sleeve to protect your watch during shipping

At WatchGnome we frequently get this question, so we decided to put together the definitive answer. So, when you order watch battery replacement service by mail, what shows up in the box?

The watch battery replacement box

This seemed like the right place to start. We send you a 3in X 2in X 6in reinforced, corrugated cardboard box. While this may seem basic, this choice is actually the result of a good deal of testing. The size is large enough to fit nearly any watch, but is small enough that the USPS accepts it in any mailbox. This was critical to making sure the WatchGnome service stays convenient. Drop it into any mailbox( check out fair pricing mailbox here ), PO box or post office. Your choice!

The padded watch protecting foam

Next up, we layer 1/2 inch of protective foam into the bottom of the box and another 1/2 layer to go on top. Again, your watch’s safety was our top priority. We packed up and test dropped A LOT of our own watches before we settled on this choice.

The protective bag

Inside the box you will also find a protective sleeve. This is just one additional layer of protection for your watch during it’s journey to our workshop. Just pop it in and secure it tightly. Then sandwitch it between the two layers of foam.

Return shipping label

To really streamline the process, we put the prepaid shipping label back to our workshop right in the box. It’s printed on a self adhesive label to make your life even easier. Just peel the back off and stick it on the outside of the box. Our workshop address is already printed on it, your address is the return shipping address and it’s 100% prepaid. Don’t you wish everything was as easy as peel and stick?

How it works card

So, I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people that reads the directions to do anything about 4 times, just to be sure. Because of that, we also include a “how it works” card that explains the WatchGnome watch battery replacement by mail process for you.

Watch battery replacement by mail: The definitive list of ingredients

So there you have it, exactly what to expect when you request your WatchGnome battery replacement package! I sincerely hope that this answers all your questions and our reasoning for our choices. But again, if we missed anything don’t hesitate to email or drop us a question on our facebook page. We will get back to your promptly!

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