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Guess Watch Battery Size | Guide To Sizing

guess watch battery sizeWhat Size Battery Do Guess watches take? Most Guess watches use a 377 or 371 battery. These are also commonly referred to as SR920SW or SR626SW watch batteries.

  • Guess Watches Usually Take 377 or 371 Batteries


How To Tell What Size Battery Your Guess Watch Takes

You can tell what size battery your Guess watch requires a few different ways including: (1) checking the current battery, (2) checking your watch movement or (3) looking up with the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, the first 2 methods do requiring opening your watch first which can require special tools and some skills. If you would prefer to save the hassle and have a professional change that Guess watch battery the Watch Gnome service is perfect for you.

(1) Check Your Guess Watch Battery

First you will need to open your Guess watch caseback. Once inside you should be able to see the battery (you may need to remove a retaining clasp) and the watch battery number will be printed on the Plus (+) side of the battery. Sometimes these numbers are small and we recommend a magnifying class to see them clearly.

WARNING: If you can’t quite read the battery number – DON’T GUESS! Try another method. Using the wrong battery type in a Guess watch can result in damage or improper type keeping.

(2) Check the Guess Watch Movement

If you can’t read the battery, the correct battery type is often printed on the movement of the watch. Honestly, this text is usually tiny – but a good magnifying glass can help you read it.

(3) Check With The Manufacturer

If you would prefer not to open your watch, you can always check with the manufacturer for their battery recommendations. Some manufacturers will publish this information online (although many do not) or you can contact their customer service. To be honest, they may or may not respond quickly.

If you are contacting them be prepared with your Guess Watch Model number.

Guess Watch Battery Size Frequency

Based on our years of experience changing batteries for Guess watches, we have found that slightly more than 50% use the 371 about another 25% are using the 377 watch battery and the rest are a mixture of other battery sizes.

The size and type of battery you Guess needs depends on the Movement that is in your particular watch.

Why Type of Battery Should Go In A Guess Watch?

At Watch Gnome we always recommend a battery from a top manufacturer like Energizer, Sony or Renata. It’s important to use a high quality watch battery to prevent damage and ensure proper time keeping.

What happens if a lower quality battery is used in a Guess Watch?

Using a low quality battery is not recommended for a number of reasons, but they all have to do with preventing damage to your Guess and ensuring long life.

Internal Damage: Low quality batteries can corrode or have other issues that could result in the chemicals damaging your watch.

Improper Time Keeping: At times, low quality batteries can be weaker or their voltage can decrease too early. This means your watch will slowly lose time.


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