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Where Can I Get My Guess Watch Battery Changed? | Guide

guess watch battery changeYou can usually get your Guess Watch Battery Changed at 3 different types of locations: Mall Kiosk or Shop, Local Jeweler or Online Concierge Service.

These locations will usually offer same day or 1-2 day service depending on the type of watch you have and the difficulty required to change your Guess battery. The downside for these shops is that you need to travel to them, park and then kill time. That’s why Watch Gnome created their online Guess Watch Battery Change service.

Online Guess Battery Change Service

Watch Gnome provides a unique service to get your Guess watch battery replaced quickly and easily. Our service is a simple 3 step process.

  1. Order our Premium or Deluxe service and we ship a padded watch carrier straight to your house.
  2. Pack your watch up, use the Pre-paid return shipping label and drop it back into any USPS drop box or location. It will arrive at our workshop in 2-3 days.
  3. We get your watch, inspect it, change the battery in your Guess watch and then ship it straight back to your home or office.


Check out the full details of how our online battery replacement service works.

Mall Guess Watch Battery Change:

Most local or regional malls have a watch store or kiosk somewhere in the mall that can change your Guess watch battery for you. We would recommend calling ahead before choosing to drive all the way there. Prices can vary widely from about $20 to $75 depending on the make and model. If you are getting Guess watch battery changed expect to bay about $40-$60 for a basic service.

The local mall kiosk battery change station may be slightly less expensive – but beware – the quality of work at these shops can be much lower. Often they are giving very discounted rates for inferior service to get you to the kiosk and then upsell you on higher margin items like watch straps etc.

Local Jeweler to Change Your Guess Battery

If you aren’t near a mall you can also looking to your local jeweler. Many local shops will do Guess Watch battery changes. Expect to pay about $25-$40 for your service here. Usually they do a good job, but beware that they may not have much experience with your specific brand of watch.

Does Guess Offer Watch Battery Replacement Themselves?

Guess watches offers many services but watch battery changes are not their top priority. They are primarily a watch design and manufacturing company. They will offer service for Guess watch warrantee issues if needed, but changing batteries is not their core business and they usually don’t offer that service.

If you need additional services for your watch, you can also check out Watch Gnomes complete Guess watch repair services.


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