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How To Tell If A Tissot Needs A New Battery

You can tell if your Tissot needs a new battery because the second hand begins to skip 4 seconds at a time. Instead to ticking evenly 1 notch per second, it pauses and moves 4 notches once every 4 seconds. So it appears to be pausing, but still keeps accurate time until the battery is completely dead.

Wondering if your Tissot will need a new battery soon? You're in luck, Tissot has a simple but ingenious design that gives you a warning before your Tissot battery completely dies and you can tell whether your Tissot will need a new battery soon.



How To Tell If A Tissot Needs A New Battery

Tissot builds in a unique mechanism that changes the way the second hand moves when the battery is getting low. Instead of ticking once per second, it moves once every 4 seconds. The beauty of this design however is that the second hand jumps 4 spaces. So despite a slowing battery it will still keep accurate time and give you warning.


How To Get A New Tissot Battery

If you have determined that your Tissot needs a new battery either because it's completely stopped or the warning signal is happening, Watch Gnome can help. Our Tissot watch battery replacement service is completely hassle free, affordable and done by highly trained Tissot specialists.


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