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how much is a timex watch battery

How Much Is A Timex Watch Battery?

how much is a timex watch batteryDo you have a Timex watch that stopped ticking and needs a new watch battery? Here at WatchGnome, we often get questions about what it takes and how much is a Timex Watch Battery? If you choose our Timex Watch Battery Replacement service it's a flat fee. We have changed hundreds of Timex watches over the past few years and wanted to share our insights.

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How Much Is A Timex Watch Battery And It It Worth Changing?

The price of a Timex watch can vary widely from about $15-$30 up to a few hundred dollars. So it's important to weigh the cost of a new battery (usually $20-$60) vs. the replacement cost of the watch. 

$100+ Watch Cost

If your watch cost more than $100, most customers will definitely spend the money to change the battery and get the watch running again. It's a fairly east cost benefit analysis since replacing the watch is significantly more expensive.

$50-$100 Watch Cost

In this range, the watch probably costs 1-2x more than the battery replacement, so it's definitely still the more cost effective choice to go with the watch battery replacement. However, if you are looking to change up your style or get something new, this might be the right time to do that.

$15-$50 Watch Cost

In this range it's most likely cheaper to buy a replacement watch then to get your battery replaced. HOWEVER, we are pleasantly surprised by how many people choose to replace their Timex watch batteries here. Often, watches have significant sentimental value and people like to keep them ticking.







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