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what battery does my watch need

What battery does my watch need: Quick Guide

Wondering What Battery Does My Watch Need?

Here at Watch Gnome we've got the answer for you. Watch batteries come in many sizes and different brands use different sizes depending on the watch size and style.

But we have a great database to help answer your question since we have handled thousands of watches with our quick online watch battery service and track them all! We do need to add the caveat however, that it's impossible to determine exactly which battery your watch need without direct recommendations from the manufacturer or by opening the watch and taking a look!

At Watch Gnome, we only carry top brands such as Energizer, Maxell and the ever popular Sony. All of these batteries fit in popular watches like Michael Kors, Shinola, Citizen, Timex, Casio, Seiko watches.

what battery does my watch need

Battery Types

The primary choices are silver oxide battery and alkaline watch batteries.

Silver Oxide batteries are known for having a higher energy density and thus have the ability to generate more power for their size. These batteries typically last longer than their alkaline alternative.

Warning: These should never be used on a battery charger, ever.

Alkaline batteries are the most frequently used option, and watch batteries are no exception. They have a shorter shelf life compared to silver oxide batteries. They are cheaper to make but the downside with alkaline watch batteries is that they have the potential to leak and could cause corrosion and damage your watch (or other devices that use these batteries).

If you want to see the what battery your watch needs, check out our guide and odds below!


Michael Kors Watch Battery Type

Below are the odds for each battery for your Michael Kors. Watch Gnome also provides Free Michael Kors watch battery replacement estimates.

  • 60% Chance your MK needs a 371 battery
  • 21% Chance it needs a 364 battery
  • 10% Change it needs a 395 / 399
  • 7% Chance it needs a 373 watch battery
  • The rest are other batteries like 377 321s etc.

Shinola Watch Battery Type

Below are the odds for each battery for your Shinola Watch. Watch Gnome also provides Free Shinola watch battery replacement estimates. Shinola Detroit has standardized around a battery size better than any other company we have seen.

  • 94% Chance your Shinola needs a 364 battery
  • 6% Chance it needs a 371
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