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How Much Is A Kate Spade Battery | See Cost Guide

Great question! You spent hundreds of dollars on a beautiful Kate Spade Watch but now it’s stopped running. Do you need a Kate Spade watch battery replacement? And how much is a Kate Spade battery?

Kate Spade Battery Cost

kate spade batteryA top quality watch battery from manufacturers like Energizer, Sony or Maxwell will usually run you about $7.50 – $10.00 for Just The Battery at a watch store or battery store. There is an option to try and find them for cheaper online but these batteries usually come in packages of 5+ and then have another $5.00 – $10.00 in shipping added on. So if you are willing to invest in a number of batteries you can probably get that cost down to about $5 per battery.

Labor Cost To Change A Kate Spade Battery

You must also consider the cost of changing the battery. If you take your watch to a jeweler / watch shop they will likely charge you $40-$80 for the whole service and battery. They will usually average about $55 dollars.

Getting your battery changed at an all purpose battery store may be a bit cheaper (in the $25-$30 range). The tradeoff here is that these folks don’t specialize in battery changes so they tend to be less experienced. This may go completely fine, but the odds of them not servicing your particular watch or accidentally damaging definitely go up.

Should I Change My Own Kate Spade Battery?

We get this question frequently. And it really depends. If your goal is just to get your watch running again for a reasonably price and with limited risk we would recommend getting a professional watch battery replacement.

Buying a battery and all the tools required to properly change a battery very easily cost more than the standard Watch Gnome battery replacement costs.



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