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how to change a fossil watch battery

How To Change A Fossil Watch Battery

how to change a fossil watch batteryDo you have a Fossil watch that needs a new battery? You know it’s time when your favorite Fossil timepiece stops ticking or you start showing up late to everything! Here at WatchGnome, we often get questions about what it takes to change a Fossil watch battery before customers order our Fossil watch battery replacement. We have changed hundreds of Fossils over the past few years and wanted to share our insights.

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How To Change A Fossil Watch Battery

Fossils are high quality, beautifully constructed watches with tight, precision tolerances. This means it’s best to have a watch expert change the battery for a number of reasons:

  • Tightly fitting casebacks: Almost all Fossils have 1 of 2 different types of casebacks:  (1) A pop back that fits tightly in place by using the pressure of the case sides. Removing it requires a fine edged tool to gently open. (2) A screw back that requires the right tools and skill to remove them without stripping them or accidentally slipping and scratching the case.
  • Fine, metal battery restraint arm. Many of these watches have a small moveable arm made of thin metal that holds the battery in place and completes the circuit. This arm is rather delicate and requires the loosening of a small screw to move it out of the way. It’s critical to do this carefully to prevent stripping the screw or slipping and damaging the watch coil.
  • Top quality battery. Most Fossils are using a size 364 / 395 / 321 / 377 battery, but it’s always critical to double check. Here at WatchGnome, we always make sure to use a top quality battery like Energizer or Sony. It’s also critical to change the watch battery without touching it with your hands. It’s best to avoid getting the oils from your hands on it to reduce corrosion risk.
  • Proper case resealing and screw tensioning. Once the battery has been changed, the next step is to replace the arm and gently retighten the retaining screw. Replace the face retainer clip and then then retighten the caseback.

Invest in watch, invest in it’s care

If you have invested the money in a high quality Fossil and taken the time to find just the one you want, we recommend getting the battery changed by a reputable professional. While we 100% think that WatchGnome is the best and most efficient choice, we just care that it’s done right! Don’t cut corners with a fine timepiece when you a looking to change a Fossil Watch Battery.


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