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Fossil Watch Glass Replacement | Costs & Estimate

Fossil Watch Glass Replacement | 100% Via Mail

Did your Fossil watch glass get a crack or chip? Unfortunately this happens frequently, but the good news is that we can repair your watch to get it looking & running like new.

Usually a Fossil Watch Glass replacement takes about 7 days from door to door and can be finished with all Factory Quality materials.


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Complete Crystal Service | $50







How Fossil Watch Glass Replacement Works

Doing this service correctly requires precision and knowledge of Fossil watches. First, we inspect the watch and remove the caseback. Next, we carefully remove the crown and stem from your watch so that we can remove the face. Once the Fossil watch face has been removed the crack glass is pressed out using special tools. They are designed to remove all the glass without scratching or warping the watch case.

Then we carefully measure the watch glass diameter and thickness and replace or cut a matching glass. The new glass is then polished and pressed back into place with a special machine. If necessary the glass is sealed in place. From then, the Fossil watch glass is polished again and the movement and face reassembled in the watch.

How Much Does Fossil Watch Glass Replacement Cost?


Other providers will make you "Get an estimate" for watch crystal replacement. They usually quote a low price for $25 or $30 dollars and then have you send your watch in for the final price. By the time you get the final price, it usually goes up to $65 or $75 dollars!

We do things differently at Watch Gnome. We believe in upfront pricing for services like watch battery replacement & watch crystal replacement. We can do that because we have handled thousands of these and know what parts they require. Beware of companies that need to give you "estimates" on basic services like this, it means they probably don't do that many.

Hassle Free & Affordable Glass Repair

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Complete Crystal Service | $50
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