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Movado Watch Battery Replacement

Movado Watch Battery Replacement By Mail

movado watch battery replacement

Hassle Free Battery Replacement By Mail

Did your favorite Movado Watch battery die? Don't worry. WatchGnome offers watch battery replacement for Movado watches and makes it fast, easy and affordable. Unlike other watch shops, WatchGnome handles the whole process for you and your Movado without you having to leave your house. We only use top quality batteries, packaging & priority USPS mail.

Movado Watch Battery Replacement

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How we make Movado watch battery replacement easy

  1. Order: When you place your order, WatchGnome sends a padded box anprepaid return shipping label straight to you
  2. Pack it up: Just pack your Movado watch up securely, stick the USPS first class label on the box and drop it in any mailbox
  3. Replace battery: We get your Movado watch back to our workshop, change out your old watch battery for a fresh new one, polish it up & set the time
  4. Straight back to you: We pack it up and send it straight back to your house
    You'll get your Movado back in just a few days without ever having to leave your house!

Movado Watches

Movado was founded in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, by Achilles Ditesheim. In 1983, the company was purchased by Gedalio Grinberg. His son, Efraim Grinberg, is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Movado Group, Inc. The North American President of Movado is Alan Chinich.

Movado is known for the Movado Museum Watch which was designed in 1947 by artist Nathan George Horwitt. The watch dial was sharply defined by a solitary dot at 12 which was meant to symbolize the sun at high noon. The watch has been acclaimed for purity of design and has been a benchmark of uniqueness for the Movado brand.

WatchGnome mail order watch battery replacement

WatchGnome is proud to offer Movado watch battery replacement. We love their products and are always excited to see one arrive in our mail order watch battery replacement boxes!

How Do I Change My Movado Watch Battery?

Where Can I Get My Movado Battery Replaced?

Is your own home or office close enough? Watch Gnome handles the whole process via the mail - so you don't have to deal with any hassle. No driving to the watch guy, having him review your watch, give you a price estimate and then waiting for him to change it.

We Come Right To Your Mail Box!

Our process is simple. On average our customers tell us that it only took 10 minutes of their time! That includes ordering online, packaging their watch when our box arrives and then unwrapping it again a few days later when it comes back to their home. Our Movado watch battery replacement service has been highly praised.

How Do I Change My Movado Battery?

The process we use is time tested. When your watch arrives we give it an initial inspection for any damage, wear or immediate issues. If we find any, we'll email you immediately to get them cleared up. If the initial Movado inspection looks good we carefully open your watch. Almost all Movado watches use a tight pop caseback system. We gently open it using a special watch back knife. If you ever do this yourself, be careful! It's very easy to scratch the watch, damage the insides or cut yourself.

Once the Movado is open, we inspect the inside for any dirt, debris or damage. If it looks good, we remove the dead Movado battery and replace it with a brand new Energizer or sony. Once in, we inspect that it's running and set the time to your local timezone.

Then we carefully clean the watch closure and replace the caseback with a press too. People often try and replace it themselves but we recommend being extremely careful doing this with such a nice and expensive watch. Pressing with you fingers can accidentally bend the caseback because it's difficult to apply pressure evenly. Tools like the caseback press apply pressure equally across the whole back to ensure a tight fit and no bending!

How Much Does Movado Battery Replacement Cost?

The price for replacing a battery in a Movado can range widely depending on who you choose to do it. Some jewelers and watch shops will charge you $50 to $100 because Movado watches are considered high end luxury watches. Watch Gnome on the other side will change your Movado battery for only $20 if you want to ship it to us, or $30 if you want us to handle all the shipping and send you a padded watch change box & repaid return shipping label.

Watch Gnome: $20 - $30 dollars for our Basic or Premium battery change service

An American Company

Watch Gnome | Denver CO

Watch Gnome is proud to be an American company. Our owners, customer service, technicians and all employees are based in Denver Colorado. We believe in delivering the best possible service and new we could do it here. Our central location also allows us to service watches from anywhere in the United States and receive them in just 2-3 days or 1-2 days with Expedited service.

Movado Battery Service Tracking

We know watches are personal items. That's why keep you fully informed during the whole process. When you order, we start sending you package tracking info that allows you to login and see in real time where your package and watch are. We email you during the process so you always know how your Movado battery service is going.

watch gnome tracking


Movado Battery Size

One of the keys to ensuring your Movado runs well is getting the right size. That's why we use a few Movado battery size guides to ensure we are 100% accurate. First, we inspect the battery coming out. Second, most Movado's have an inscription on the movement that lists the correct battery size (Usually a 377, 364, 379 or similar) and finally, if neither of those methods works, we can contact Movado to ensure we get the right battery for your watch.

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