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Professional Fossil Watch Battery Replacement

fossil watch battery replacement


Did your favorite Fossil Watch stop running? We know the feeling, among our staff we have a number of Fossils, but don't fret. WatchGnome offers watch battery replacement for Fossil watches and makes it fast, easy and affordable. Unlike other watch shops, WatchGnome handles the whole process for you without you having to leave your house. Our professional technicians have serviced hundreds of Fossil batteries this year and will take great care of your watch.

Fossil Watch Battery Replacement By Mail

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How we make Fossil watch battery replacement easy

  1. Order: When you place your order, WatchGnome sends a padded box anprepaid return shipping label straight to you
  2. Pack it up: Just pack your Fossil watch up securely, stick the USPS first class label on the box and drop it in any mailbox
  3. Replace battery: We get your Fossil watch back to our workshop, change out your old watch battery for a fresh new one, polish it up & set the time
  4. Straight back to you: We pack it up and send it straight back to your house
    You'll get your Fossil back in just a few days without ever having to leave your house!

How much does Fossil battery replacement cost?

With WatchGnome (unlike the shops who say they can't give you a price until you bring it in...) you know the watch battery replacement price before you even get started! Check out our watch battery replacement price today! Fossil watches are the same price. And if you order our service today - You'll save $9.95! Getting your Fossil watch battery replaced for under $30 with out even having to leave your house is a great deal, so don't wait!

What Size Battery Does My Fossil Take?

Great question. Based on our experience, Fossil watches usually take a battery size: 364, 377, 321 or 379 but it depends on the exact watch make and model. Most of the time it requires either manufacturer specs or getting the watch open to tell. Almost all watch movements have the type of battery needed engraved on the inside. 

When we change the battery in your Fossil we will review the current battery as well as compare to the specs on the Fossil watch movement to ensure that your watch has the proper battery.

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Watch Gnome Service Area | All 50 States +

Wondering where you can get your Fossil battery changed near you? That's why we designed Watch Gnome to service your Fossil watch by mail - we can help you change your Fossil watch battery if you live anywhere in the United States. We service all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin islands. If you have access to a USPS mailbox or Post Office, then we can definitely help you get your Fossil watch running again in just a few days.

Track Your Fossil Watch & Regular Updates

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They told me about the box (with padding), prepaid mailing, new battery, quick turnaround time, and that's just what happened!
2 years ago with Company X, it was $100+ and 2 weeks, this time 1/3 the price and half the time. Bravo, Watch Gnome!
It was cleaned and set to the right time - no easy feat with my Tissot. Nice to find a company that does what it promises.

Robert B.



Fossil Watches

Fossil watches is a brand owned by the Fossil Group, Inc. The company is an American designer of clothing and fashion accessories, primarily watches and jewelry. However, they also offer wallets, sunglasses, belts, handbags, shoes and clothing. The company is based in Richardson, Texas. They own a number of brands including Fossil, Relic, Abacus, Michele Watch, Skagen, and Zodiac Watches.

The current CEO, Kosta Kartsotis, own approximately 12% of Fossil stock. The company name has a fun backstory and it represents the nickname the brothers had for their father.

WatchGnome mail order watch battery replacement

WatchGnome is proud to offer Fossil watch battery replacement and repair. We love their products and are always excited to see one arrive in our mail order watch battery replacement boxes!

How Do I Get My Fossil Battery Changed?

You can send your watch to Watch Gnome and we'll get it changed out and running again in just a few days with our online Fossil battery service. Our professional technicians handle hundreds of Fossil battery services every year. Let us help you and save the hassle.

Battery Change Prices

Fossil Watch Battery Replacement


Fossil Battery Replacement Price

Other companies like that local mall jeweler or kiosk charge an arm and a leg to change your Fossil watch battery, but Watch Gnome makes it affordable AND we come to you! How does Watch Gnome offer higher quality service AND lower prices? It's simple, those other stores have expensive rent in malls or shopping centers. We can locate our workshop more affordably with out inconveniencing you.


How To Tell Why Your Fossil Watch Stopped

It's impossible to definitively tell why a Fossil watch doesn't run without actually opening up and diagnosing, but we can give you a few helpful guidelines about why your Fossil watch died.

Did your watch get dropped, banged or visibly damaged? 

This could have damaged the movement and will require repair or replacing the movement. On a better note, it could also have just knocked the battery loose. If that's the case, a Fossil watch technician can just pop it back in place. Based on our experience, there is a 75% chance the watch is damaged and 25% chance the battery is just loose.


No Visible Damage?

If nothing happened to your watch, and the Fossil starting slowing down or losing time - there is a 98% chance its just the battery. (This number is based on our experience of how many Fossil watches start again with a fresh battery)

Your best option is to get the battery in your watch changed and see if that solves the issue.


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