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Anne Klein Watch Battery Replacement

anne klein watch battery replacement


Did your favorite Anne Klein watch stop? Don't stress  - it's probably just the battery. WatchGnome offers Anne Klein watch battery replacement and will get your watch running again. Unlike other watch shops in the mall or jewelers, WatchGnome handles the whole process for you without you having to leave your house!

Anne Klein Battery Replacement By Mail

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Professional Anne Klein Watch Battery Replacement

  1. Order: When you choose Watch Gnome, we send a padded box and prepaid return shipping label straight to your house
  2. Pack it up: Just pack your Anne Klein watch up securely using our included packing materials, stick the USPS first class label on the box and drop it in any mailbox
  3. Replace battery: We get your Anne Klein watch back to our workshop, change out your old watch battery for a fresh new one, polish it up & set the time
  4. Straight back to you: We pack it up and send it straight back to your house

You'll get your Anne Klein back in just a few days without ever having to leave your house!

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What's Included In Your Service

  All packaging & shipping materials

Prepaid shipping to our workshop

Watch inspection, high end battery & change

Resealing your Anne Klein & shipping it back to you!

Save Time & Money. No Hassle Service!

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They told me about the box (with padding), prepaid mailing, new battery, quick turnaround time, and that's just what happened!
2 years ago with Company X, it was $100+ and 2 weeks, this time 1/3 the price and half the time. Bravo, Watch Gnome!
It was cleaned and set to the right time - no easy feat with my Tissot. Nice to find a company that does what it promises.

Robert B.



Anne Klein History

The Anne Klein brand was originally established in 1968 with a partnership with famed fashion name Gunther Oppenheim. In 1971, Klein met Tomio Taki from Takihyo who approached her to enter a joint-venture to manufacture in Asia with materials bought in Europe with plans to sell the items in the US and Japan. The venture never launched because the potential for making money was too slim. But Klein approached Taki to partner in the company. The partnership grew and by 1973 Takihyo owned 25% of Anne Klein.

As Anne Klein began to succeed, the brand led to the development of the first bridge-line in American fashion, Anne Klein II.  The idea was unique. They created clothing that was priced below designer-label fashion yet still boasted better quality than the moderate and budget lines still on the market. The mid-market line was a new system Klein developed with Taki before her death.

Decisions about fabrics and manufacturing method were made on a per garment choice. For example, a skirt may be made from eight leaves of fabric rather than two. The strips could be used modularly too. This helped to increase the number of garments made from a set amount of cloth. This really helped increase product margins without sacrificing quality. Another example is Jackets - the could be cut a little shorter in the back. While consumers may not notice a big difference in the garment, the savings from a few inches of material increased productivity at the manufacturing level.


Anne Klein is currently owned by Jones Apparel Group.

The Anne Klein brand of watches are actually manufactured by Sutton Time.

Anne Klein has pioneered manufacturing techniques and Watch Gnome is proud to offer Anne Klein Watch Battery Replacement.


Factory Standard Water Sealing

Anne Klein watches are designed to be lightly water resistant and at Watch Gnome, we understand that's critical to the watch. Our trained, watch technicians seal your Anne Klein watch back to factory standards.

Keep Your Anne Klein Watch Safe!



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Anne Klein Watch Battery Replacement


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