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Wenger Watch Repair Specialists

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  All packaging & shipping materials

 Prepaid shipping to our workshop

 Watch inspection, high end battery & change

 Resealing & shipping it back to you!

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  All packaging & shipping materials

 Prepaid shipping to our workshop

 Watch inspection, high end battery & change

 Resealing & shipping it back to you!

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An American Company

Watch Gnome is based on Denver, CO

Watch Gnome is proud to be a 100% American based company that focuses on delivery the best service in the country quickly, affordably and hassle free. Being located in the Mile High City means we can service all 50 states via the USPS and all travel takes only 2-3 days.

wenger watch repairWenger Watch Repair Specialists | 100% By Mail

Join thousands of satisfied Watch Gnome watch repair and battery replacement customers and get your Wenger watch running and looking like new. From a simple watch battery replacement to a complete restoration, our professionally trained watch technicians perform a wide range of  Wenger watch repairs with precision and dedication.

Hassle Free & Affordable Service



How The Wenger Watch Service Works

Watch Gnome has created a unique hassle free process to simplify your needs. First, choose which service you need:

Wenger Battery Change:

If you just need a battery, Watch Gnome has handled thousands and can take care of that in an afternoon. Choose one of our 3 service options and we handle the whole process for you. We even send you pre-paid shipping labels and a box and padding!

Wenger Watch Glass Replacement:

Did your favorite Wenger get a crack or scratch on the face? We can handle that for you too. Whether it's a big issue that prevents you from reading your watch or just a small scratch that annoys you, we will take great care of it. Unlike other companies that make you get an estimate for a glass repair and send it to them first, we do our watch crystal replacements for a flat fee.

Other Wenger Watch Issues:

Having other issues with your watch that need a Wenger Watch Repair? Like cracked or missing watch band? Did it stop running? Our technicians will be happy to help you out!

How Long Does Wenger Watch Repair Take?

The service time depends on whether you want a watch battery change or full service - but in general:

  • Battery Change: Usually takes about 5-8 days from door to door
  • Crystal Change: This service usually takes about 7-14 days from door to door
  • Full Service: This is the service that tends to vary more widely because we don't know what work needs to be done until we see your watch, but usually ranges about 10-14 days on average.
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