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Easy Timex Watch Glass Repair By Mail

Hassle Free Timex Watch Glass Replacement

Affordable | Fast | Flat Rate

Have a Timex with a scratched or cracked watch crystal? Watch Gnome specializes in replacing the crystal in all major watch brands like Michael Kors, Timex and Shinola to get your watch looking like new and protect the face and caliber.

Our trained technicians carefully match all glass to factory standard to keep you watch shining and to maintain it’s factory water resistance.


Timex Crystal Replacement 100% By Mail

Complete Crystal Service

How Much Does Timex Watch Glass Replacement Cost?

Watch Glass replacement usually costs $50-$75 for most major watch brands with Watch Gnome’s crystal replacement service.

We keep our prices affordable because we do our entire service by mail (no expensive mall space!) and do enough watches that we can handle it efficiently and keep most parts in-stock.

How Timex Watch Crystal Replacement Works

We provide industry leading expertise and service for your Timex watch while handing the whole process via the mail to save you time, money & hassle. We’ve handled thousands of watches and treat every customer like they are family.

  1. Order: First, order your Watch Crystal Replacement from Watch Gnome, for our easy flat rate fee. Many other companies use an “estimate” process for crystals which takes time and is often used to quote an initial lower price – and then increase it once they already have your watch. We believe in transparency in Watch Crystal Replacement!
  2. We Handle Packaging: Once you order, we send you a padded watch box and pre-paid return shipping label. It will arrive at your house in about 2-3 days. You pack you watch up and put in any USPS drop off location.
  3. We Get Your Watch: Once we get your watch, we inspect it and then begin the change process. It usually takes about 5-7 days and then we ship your watch straight back to you!
  4. We Provide Tracking & Updates: At every step of our Timex watch crystal replacement service, we will provide you with USPS tracking numbers and email updates. That way you know exactly where your watch is and that it’s being taken care of.
  5. Need Other Services? If your watch needs other care like a cleaning or new Timex battery we can handle that too all at the same time and save you money by combining services.

We keep things simple by providing quick 7-10 day turnaround and a flat rate service!



An American Company

Watch Gnome is based in Denver Colorado and our entire staff from customer service, watch technicians to our marketing team are all based here. We are proud to be an American company and know that keeping all our employees in the US means we can provide better, faster service for you!

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Complete Watch Crystal Replacement Service

Padded box and pre-paid shipping to us

✓ Inspection, watch glass & service

✓ Cleaning & shipping back to you

Complete Crystal Service | $50
Free Return Shipping & Insurance Included!