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Teleio Watch Battery Replacement

Image result for teleio watchesWe Specialize in Teleio Watches!

Teleio Watch Battery Replacement
Done 100% Via Mail!

Did your favorite Teleio stop ticking? We know the feeling, but don't worry, WatchGnome is here. WatchGnome is America's #1 mail-in watch battery replacement service. Now you don't have to take it to a fancy jeweler to replace the battery. WatchGnome specializes in fast, easy and affordable Teleio watch battery replacement. WatchGnome handles the whole process for you and you never have to leave your house.

Fast, Reliable & Affordable

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How we make Teleio watch battery replacement easy

  1. Order: When you place your order, WatchGnome sends a padded box and prepaid return shipping label straight to you.
  2. Pack it up: Just pack your Teleio watch up securely. Place the USPS first class label on the box and drop in any mailbox.
  3. Replace battery: We get your Teleio watch back to our workshop and change out your old watch battery for a fresh new one. Then we polish it up & set the time.
  4. Straight back to you: We pack it up and send it straight back to you. You'll get your Teleio back in just a few days without ever having to leave your house!




They told me about the box (with padding), prepaid mailing, new battery, quick turnaround time, and that's just what happened!
2 years ago with Company X, it was $100+ and 2 weeks, this time 1/3 the price and half the time. Bravo, Watch Gnome!
It was cleaned and set to the right time - no easy feat with my Tissot. Nice to find a company that does what it promises.

Robert B.

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Teleio Watch History

After years of research and networking with top watch manufacturers, they realized that many popular watch brands use sub par materials and add up to 1,000% markup on their watch prices. They then decided to create a watch brand that not only utilized the best materials, but also offered unbeatable prices. They named this watch brand Teleio, which originates from the Greek word “τέλειο,”. It translates to “perfect” in English, which is exactly the the standard they try to maintain with their products. Their goal is simply to provide the highest quality watches for prices that other reputable watch brands can’t compete with. They call this the Teleio Experience.Image result for teleio watches

WatchGnome mail order watch battery replacement

WatchGnome is proud to offer Teleio watch battery replacement. We love their products and are always excited to see one arrive in our mail order watch battery replacement boxes. We have been servicing Teleio watches for years and they are one of our most popular services. Watch Gnome has service nearly 100 Teleio Batteries in 2017 alone.

The Best Choice for Teleio Battery Replacement

Why choose Watch Gnome? Our experience means 3 great benefits for you and your Teleio Watch.

  1. Top Quality Service
  2. Top Quality Parts
  3. Commitment to you and your Teleio watch



Watch Gnome is based in Colorado and is 100% based in the United States. That means all of our shipping, watch servicing and customer service are handled here. We like to make things simple!

Teleio Watch Battery Replacements by Experts - The Best Care For Your Watch

With multiple services for Teleio watch battery replacement, we have the right option to fit your needs. The replacement is cost effective and delivered quickly.
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Compare Teleio Battery Prices & Services

Watch Gnome has dedicated years on Teleio watch care and we have changed hundreds of batteries from their Apollo to their Ares and everything in between.

Our expert Teleio technicians have perfected our Teleio battery change procedures so you can be confident your Teleio is covered. Whether it’s removing the case back, replacing the battery or reseating the rubber gasket - your Teleio is in good hands.

Nationwide Teleio Battery Repair Coverage

We provide service for your Teleio anywhere to you in the United States via our online watch battery service. From Los Angeles or Portland to New York or Miami if you’re covered by USPS, we’ve got your back.

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