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How To Replace A Shinola Runwell Battery

Shinola Runwell BatteryShinola Runwell Battery

The Shinola Runwell is one of Shinola Detroit‘s first and most popular watch styles. They launched in March of 2013 with a limited edition of 2,500 watches – and sold out in less than 2 weeks. On average, you can expect a Shinola Runwell Battery to last about 18 to 24 months during normal use and wear.

The average Shinola Runwell Battery will last 18-24 months.

Professional Runwell Battery Replacement

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Replace A Shinola Runwell Battery

When you choose to use Watch Gnome’s Shinola watch battery replacement service, you get the following white glove service:

  1. Initial watch inspection including the band, case, face, clasp and screws. We make sure everything is in proper starting condition before we even get started!
  2. Next, we carefully remove the case back via unscrewing the 4 holding screws. This process must be done with the correct size screw driver and very carefully. While overall Shinola watches are extremely durable, improper removal of these screws could accidentally strip them or damage your case back.
  3. Once the case back is open, we remove the retaining clip and do an internal inspection. We check to make sure there is no corrision, loose parts or damage to the watch coil. Then we carefully move the battery retaining arm and remove the battery.
  4. Next, we replace the battery with a brand new, factory sealed Energizer battery and carefully replace the battery retaining arm. Then we ensure that the watch is keeping proper time over a 20-30 minute period.
  5. Finally, we replace the plastic retaining clip, inspect the gasket and replace if necessary and securely reseal the watch case.
  6. We set the watch to your local time zone and send it back to you!


Watch Battery Replacement By Mail

We founded Watch Gnome out of necessity. We realized we had watches we loved, sitting around unused because the batteries had died and we didn’t have time to travel some place and get them changed. We knew there had to be a better way.

Watch Gnome solves that problem! We get your watch running again, without you ever leaving your house.

  • We ship you a padded watch box & pre-paid return shipping label to your house
  • You safely package your watch, apply the shipping label and drop it into any USPS mailbox
  • Your watch comes directly to our workshop. We inspect, clean, change & set your watch.
  • We send your watch straight back to your house

Voila! Your watch is running again for an affordable flat rate – and you barely had to leave your couch.

Free Return Shipping & Insurance Included!