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Luminox Watch Battery Replacement

luminous watch battery replacement


Did your favorite Luminox watch stop ticking? Don't worry! WatchGnome offers Luminox watch battery replacement for all their makes and models and makes it fast, easy and affordable. Unlike other watch shops, WatchGnome handles the whole process for you without you having to leave your house. We do the whole thing via Priority, Tracked Mail.

Luminox Battery Replacement By Mail

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What's Included With Luminox Watch Battery Replacement

  1. Order: When you place your order, WatchGnome sends a padded box and prepaid return shipping label straight to you
  2. Ship: Pack your Luminox up snugly in our custom designed box. Apply the USPS first class label on the Gnome box and drop it in any mailbox
  3. Replace battery: We get your Luminox watch back to our workshop, change out your old watch battery for a fresh new one, polish it up & set the time
  4. Straight back to you: We pack it up and send it straight back to your house

You'll get your Luminox back in just a few days without ever having to leave your house!

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Luminox Watch History

In addition to their own watches, Luminox also makes branded watches for various military groups with custom insignias and designs depending on the branch. These groups include the US Bobsled Team, the United States Coast Guard, US Air Force, Navy SEALs, and a variety of other special forces and Emergency Medical Service teams worldwide.

Since being launched in 1989 the Luminox brand has since expanded into 30+ countries around the world. Among the more popular watch models are those designed using visual elements of the fighter jets made by Lockheed Martin. To date, Luminox has designed watches taking cues from the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-117 Nighthawk, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, and the F-22 Raptor.

Luminox Special Features

One of the reasons that Luminox watches are the chosen brand by so many special forces and rugged professions is because of their "always visible technology." In short, their manufacturing process allows the features to be luminated for longer and still visible at night. The watch hands and markers contain tritium which provide longer lasting luminescence, as opposed to phosphorescent markers used in other watch brands like Swiss Army, Fossil & Tissot, which must be charged by a light source.

The tritium in a gaseous tritium light source undergoes a type of beta decay, releasing electrons which cause the phosphor layer to glow. During the manufacturing process, a length of borosilicate glass tube which has had the inside surface coated with a phosphor-containing compound is filled with the radioactive tritium. The tube is then fused using a carbon dioxide laser at the desired length. Borosilicate glass is used for its strength and resistance to breakage. In the tube, the tritium gives off a steady stream of electrons due to beta decay. These particles excite the phosphor, causing it to emit a low, steady glow which allows the watches to remain glowing for longer.


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