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Faux Wood Watch

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  • Stylish, walnut wood grain face
  • Matching wood grain vegan leather wristband
  • Alloy case, with bronzed finish
  • Accurate quartz movement
  • Durable glass face resists scratching

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This Walnut Wood Grain Styled Watch is one of our favorite fashion watches! It’s got rustic wood watch style, class and intrigue but comes at the price of a casual wear timepiece. And for a limited time we have a fantastic sale on it! So don’t wait to buy this Walnut Wood Watch.

Walnut Wood Watch

This version of the watch comes with the gray, weathered look of wood that’s got history. The gray has a slight tint of blue that wood only gets after its been in the wind and rain for a few decades. Think reclaimed barnwood from the South East United States. This watch has the look of a piece of wood that has lived many different lives over time. From the siding on a barn, to the seat of a tree swing and finally refinished one more time into a classically styled watch. If you are looking to show that you like style and class, but appreciate something with a little history and life experience, this Walnut Wood Watch is the choice for you.

How to wear this Wood Watch

What good is a classic wood style watch if you aren’t sure how to wear it? Don’t worry – we have a few ideas for you.

  • Wear it bare:
    So this isn’t a common recommedation for us, but there is something about this walnut wood watch that just needs a little breathing room sometimes. So we recommend wearing it with a short sleeve shirt or tank top. Let the watch have some space on your wrist to relax. It’s sure to get noticed
  • Casually hidden:
    Take it 180 degrees from above! Wearing a long sleeve shirt with bright, natural colors to leave this watch a little more hidden. One of our favorite combos is a plaid shirt with yellows, reds, oranges or blues. This always gives me visions of that historic gray barn poking through the bright colors of autumn leaves. You don’t notice at first, but it’s increadibly serene once you do.
  • Other Ideas?
    Do you have other great ways to wear your Walnut Wood Watch? We would love to hear about them! Leave a comment or review and we will add your ideas!

The Full Wood Watch Collection

Ok, so we think you are crazy if you don’t want the Walnut Wood Watch in your collection, but we know everyone is different! That’s why we have a full collection of these watches. So if the Walnut Wood doesn’t work with all of your styles, it’s time to check out our others. If you can’t find something that works with your wardrobe with one of these, we are going to start to worry that you shop where the Emporer gets his new clothes.

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