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Online Watch Repair: Professional & Hassle Free

Do you have a watch that's stopped running? Don't worry Watch Gnome can help! We offer affordable, professional & hassle free online watch repair based out of our Denver, Colorado workshop.

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Online Watch Repair: How It Works

Our process is simple, just tell us the make and model of your watch as well as why you think your watch needs a watch repair. For example:

  • Just stopped running?
  • Cracked watch glass / crystal
  • Needs new band
  • Broken clasp
  • Bent case / backing

After we get your note we will reach out with a simple estimate and our recommendations. We will then send you a padded watch box and prepaid shipping back to our workshop. When your watch arrives for it's online watch repair, we will inspect it, confirm the diagnosis and get you a full update on the estimated time to repair it.

Once your watch is fixed we will just ship it straight back to your house. All done and super easy! Your entire side of the process includes sending us a message, a quick credit card payment and opening your mailbox!












Online Watch Repair: We Service All Brands

No online watch repair job is too big or too small. Regardless of whether you just need a watch battery replacement or a full watch servicing, our technicians can handle the job. We've handled thousands of watches over the years and have seen almost every make and model ranging from Michael Kors Watch Repair to Fossil Watch Repair.

What's Wrong With My Watch?

Sometimes a watch just stops running and you aren't sure what's wrong with it. Don't worry - that's our job to figure out for you and then get it running again. It could be a number of issues:

  1. Dead Watch Battery: More often than not a stopped watch just needs an online battery replacement service. About 85% of the watches we receive just need a fresh battery to bring them back to life. Watch Gnome handles that service for you! 
  2. Damaged Movement: More rarely the movement of the watch was damaged. This can occur from water seepage, dropping the watch or dirt and grime in the workings. It depends on the issue but we can almost always get this cleaned up and running again.

Why Use An Online Service?

Getting your watch inspected, getting an estimate, getting the repair done and then picking your watch up can easily require multiple drives to the jeweler along with phone calls and emails. Our customers usually tell us they spend about 4-6 hours on all of those activities!

With Watch Gnome we simplify the process for you by removing all the driving, waiting & drawn out conversations. Our goal is that the whole process of online watch repair only takes you about 10 minutes in total!

  • 1 minute to request a box
  • 2 minutes to package your watch and put back in the mail
  • 4 minutes to read our explanation and estimate
  • 2 minutes to pay by CC
  • 1 minute to open your watch when it gets home!



Free Return Shipping & Insurance Included!