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Kate Spade Watch Glass Repair

Kate Spade Watch Glass Repair Specialists

kate spade watch glass repair

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Kate Spade Watch Glass Repair Specialists

Watch Gnome can get your Kate Spade Glass repaired and looking shiny and new. Our professional team of technicians specialize in Kate Spade watches and handle the whole process via the mail to save you time & money.

Complete Glass Service Includes:

✓  Full watch inspection
✓  Glass fitting, sizing & installation
✓  Testing and polishing
✓  Shipping straight back to you

Watch Glass Repair Prices

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How It Works

Hassle Free Kate Spade Watch Glass Repair

Other services make you go to them. Watch Gnome has a different approach for your Kate Spade watch to help you save time. We come to YOU via the USPS. The whole process takes about 7-14 days depending on the exact model you have, and we ship directly to your front door or office. Convenient, fast and easy!

Our Simple Glass Repair Process:

✓  We send you a padded watch box & prepaid shipping label to our Denver workshop
✓  We inspect your watch and remove the broken or scratched glass
✓  We size and fit a top quality glass face into your watch
✓  Once the glass is seated and fits perfect, we polish it and reassemble your Kate Spade and ship it straight back to you!

You'll get your Kate Spade Watch Glass repaired in about a week with only a few minutes of your time!

How Much Does Kate Spade Watch Crystal Replacement Cost?

Replacing the crystal or glass on a Kate Spade watch usually costs between $50 - $75 depending on model and type of glass. Here at Watch Gnome we offer great, flat rate pricing so that you can get the glass repaired in your favorite Kate Spade without having to pay an arm and a leg. Additionally, if you need your battery replaced we can do that at a discounted rate too. Most of our customers choose to have them both done at the same time and take advantage of the sale price for both their Kate Spade battery and glass replacement.

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The Watch Glass Repair Process

Watches most commonly have three different types of crystals that protect the movements and dials: acrylic, mineral and sapphire. The crystals can be held in place by a crystal glue, a compression fitting or a tension ring, depending on the watch you have. All of these crystals can be scratched, cracked, or broken, and usually have to be removed with different tools and techniques based on the way they're affixed. Watch Gnome assesses the damage done, removes your crystal with the correct process, and repairs or replaces the crystal with a new one.

Watch Gnome

Kate Spade Watch Specialists

Watch Gnome has specialized in Kate Spade watches for years. We offer a wide range of services from Kate Spade Watch Battery Replacement all the watch to full Kate Spade Watch Repair. That means our technicians know exactly how to handle your watch and get it back running.


✓  Serviced hundreds of Kate Spade watches!

Free Return Shipping & Insurance Included!