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Waterproof Invicta Watch Change Service

waterproof invicta watch changeWatchGnome offers a waterproof Invicta battery change service for discerning Invicta watch owners.

If you own an Invicta watch and regularly wear it in the water – regardless of whether it’s the pool, seaside beach, lakeside getaway or scuba diving you likely want to take good care of it.

Waterproof Invicta Battery Change

You want to make sure you get your Invicta changed by a reputable professional to ensure you watch is not damaged and is properly resealed to keep it’s water resistance. The process of changing an Invicta battery is specialized and requires proper tools to ensure a quality change.

The keys to ensuring a proper Invicta seal:

  • Open the watch carefully to prevent initial damage
  • Inspect the seals & gasket to make sure there are no scratches, rips or tears on any of the parts.
  • Carefully seat the gasket back after you change the battery. Replace it with a new Invicta 0-Ring if the old one shows wear.
  • Properly reseat the watch caseback and tighten appropriately.

Ensuring the Seal Is Waterproof

If the steps above are followed there is a 99.9% chance your watch is water tight and good to go back in the water. If you think you think your watch may have received some damage or is not waterproof for some reason, we can do a water pressure test here at our workshop with your battery change.

We will replace your battery and then do the full pressure test.

How We Do An Invicta Pressure Test

Once your watch is sealed, we do a visual inspection to make sure everything is good. Then we seal it in the pressure test machine and begin to increase pressure.

All Invicta watches are rated to a specific pressure depth and we test all watches to within 0.5 ATM of the recommended depth.

Most of the these watches can actually withstand pressure higher than the recommended, but we stay below the line to prevent ever damaging your watch.

Free Return Shipping & Insurance Included!