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Is A Michael Kors Watch Worth It?

Yes, from our professional perspective as a watch service and battery company – we think Michael Kors watches are a great value.

Yes, Michael Kors Watches are a good value.

Why Are Michael Kors Watches A Good Value?

Here at Watch Gnome we have serviced nearly 1,000 Michael Kors watches in the past year and we keep meticulous records on the state of each watch when we receive it.


Michael Kors Watch Average Price:

A new Michael Kors Watch from a reputable dealer will start around $150 and range up to about $500 depending on the make, model and movement type.

Where Can I Buy Michael Kors Watches?

MK watches are carried at hundreds of online and brick and morter retailers across the country & world. A few of the most popular options are:

Prices for a Michael Kors watch varies across each location depending on sales and regional prices.


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