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Are Shinola Watches Waterproof?

Yes, all Shinola watches are waterproof to a measured depth that is indicated on your watch.

All Shinola watches are built to withstand either 5 or 10 ATMs. This means that Shinola’s are water resistant up to 164 or 328 feet.

How Can I Tell If My Shinola Is Waterproof?

  • The first way you can tell on you particular model, please view the Specifications tab, available on every watch product page¬†on the Shinola website.
  • Additionally, most watches have the specification engraved on the back of the case. It’s usually in small letters along the outer edge of the case back.


How Is Shinola Water Resistance Tested?

Shinola builds all of their watches to tight specifications but initial testing is done in a water pressure chamber. The method is fairly straight forward. The watch is placed in a tubular cylinder that contains water. The tube is then pressurized and the watch is monitored.

As pressure increases, eventually when the seal is over powered, some water will enter the watch. It’s possible to see this happen because bubbles will escape from the watch.

Does Watch Gnome Test Shinola Water Resistance?

Yes! Watch Gnome can provide a watch pressure test if you’d like. We have all the equipment on site and can do it in about a day for you. Many of our Online Shinola battery replacement service customers choose to get their pressure tested again after we have changed the battery and gotten the watch running again.

Our standard battery change service reseals all Shinola watches back to factory standards and will retain their previous resistance.

Why Would I Test My Shinola Water Resistance Level?

Over time the wear and tear of wearing your watch daily can cause small dings or dents in the seal that may weaken your Shinola’s ability to resist water pressure. We recommend getting your watch checked every 2 years if you wear it regularly.

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