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Kate Spade Watch Died | What To Do

kate spade watch diedHas your Kate Spade watch died or stopped working?

Don’t worry, Kate Spade watches are tough watches and it’s probably just your Kate Spade battery. How can we be sure? Here at Watch Gnome we have done hundreds of Kate Spade battery replacements over the years and 98% of them started right up and keep perfect time for years to come.

Why Has Your Kate Spade Watch Died?

There are 3 common reasons why your Kate Spade watch would stop running.

Faulty Movement In Your Kate Spade:

It’s rare, but occasionally a watch has a movement that has a manufacturing defect and stops working. Most Kate Spade watches use a reliable Quartz movement, but sometimes you get unlucky.

  • How to tell: This can be difficult to diagnose and differentiate from a dead battery unless it happens right when you get the watch or has a problem in after a professional watch battery replacement.
  • What to do: If the instructions above indicate a quartz movement problem, we’d recommend contacting Kate Spade Customer Service. Check with them to see if you watch is still in warranty.  If not, you can find someone who repairs watches (we do offer watch repair by mail)
  • How much does it cost? If your watch has a faulty movement and is still under warranty the Kate Spade service or replacement should be Free but with a $25 – $50 shipping or servicing fee.

Damaged Kate Spade Watch:

It’s possible if you watch is dropped or banged hard to knock the battery out of place or damage the movement.

  • How to tell: It’s usually pretty obvious if this has happened. Hitting your watch hard enough to do this often leaves scratches or other damage marks.
  • What to do: Getting your watch running again is likely going to cost some money. While the Kate Spade warranty usually covers defects, it doesn’t cover damage. You’ll need to find someone to diagnose the exact issue and repair. Watch Gnome does offer quick and affordable Kate Spade Watch Repair.
  • How much does it cost? You can get a free watch repair estimate from Watch Gnome and average prices range from about $50 – $150 depending on the watch model and type of damage.

Kate Spade Battery Died:

The is the most common reason that your Kate Spade watch died. The quartz movement of Kate spade watches runs on a battery than will usually last between 18-30 months.

  • How to tell: If it’s been more than 18 months since you bought the watch or last had the battery changed, it’s very likely the battery – although there is no 100% sure way to tell without opening your Kate Spade.
  • What do do: We recommend taking your watch to a professional to have the battery changed.
  • How much does it cost? Your local jeweler or watch shop will likely charge between $30 and $60 depending on the style of watch. Watch Gnome watch battery change prices start at much more affordable rates.


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