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Shinola Battery Life | How Long Will It Last?

How long will a Shinola battery last?

Shinola doesn’t specifically tell us or advertise the life of batteries in their watches, but based on our experience changing hundreds of Shinola watch batteries our customers are getting between 18-30 months of Shinola Battery Life on a high quality battery like an Energizer or Sony.

What is the usual Shinola battery life?

Shinola battery life is about 18 – 30 months.

The range is due to the variations in movement type, battery type, temperatures and overall wearing conditions. Frequently changing temperatures from very hot to very cold can shorten battery life – although this isn’t something you should worry about on a regular basis.

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How Can I make my Shinola Battery Last Longer?

Unfortunately there are no great tips or tricks to make your battery last longer. The best thing you can do to ensure your battery lasts as long as possible is to make sure the battery is changed properly and a high quality battery is used.

Ensuring quality Shinola care falls into the cliche of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of repair”

Do Shinola’s Have Batteries?

shinola argonite movementDoes Shinola make an automatic watch? As of today, Shinola does NOT make an automatic watch and only builds battery powered watches and uses their Quartz Argonite movements.


Are Shinola watches waterproof?

All Shinola watches are built to withstand either 5 or 10 ATMs, which means they are water resistant up to 164 or 328 feet. For details on your particular model of Shinola, please view the Shinola Specifications tab available on every watch product page.

How Do You Make Sure Shinola’s Stay Waterproof?

There are 2 primary methods to ensure your Shinola retains it’s water resistance / waterproofing.

  1. Proper everyday care:¬†Take good care of your watch. Avoid drops, scratches or banging your watch. This ensures the seals remain tight and the crystal isn’t chipped or loosened.
  2. Proper maintenance by a professional: When it comes time to have get your Shinola watch battery replaced or your Shinola expertly repaired, make sure this is done by a professional who knows the watch well. That insures there are no short cuts taken or inferior materials used.
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