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GUESS Watches Wins Best of 2016 Award

guess watch awardWatch Gnome is proud to award Guess Watches one of our 10 Best Watches of 2016 Awards.

Guess Watch Quality Review

During 2016 Watch Gnome changed more than 200 Guess watch batteries via our mail in guess watch battery replacement service and we keep meticulous records to help us determine their quality.

Guess watches did extremely well – and that’s why we are awarding them with our 2016 Watch Makers Award.

Guess watches had a 99% restart rate – which means that 99% of those Guess watches restarted immediately with a brand new battery.

Additional Guess Watch Review Items

  • Crystal: Guess watches use a variety of makes and sizes of watch crystals and glasses but overall we have seen minimal scratching and breaking during normal wear and tear. We have changed a few with our Guess watch glass replacement service this year but most appeared to have met with a drastic accident.
  • Band: Guess watch band quality was high. Majority of the watches had either plastic, metal or plastic bands in the collection we received. We saw some minor scratches, but overall you won’t have to worry about Guess watch bands.
  • Clasp: Almost all the clasps we received were metal of one type or another.
  • Seals: Guess watches are primarily a screw on caseback or press back.
  • Movement: Guess uses a variety of watch movements and they are all solid quality and durable.
  • Guess Watch Battery: The watch movements use a variety of batteries depending on the make and model. See our post on Guess watch battery sizes)

Watch Gnome Recommends Guess Watches

At the end of the day when you take thousands of watches apart every year from nearly 100 brands and watch makers – you get to know a lot more about them than your average consumer. We like to share that info with you.

At the end of the day, based on their quality and durability – Watch Gnome Recommends Guess Watches!

Free Return Shipping & Insurance Included!