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shinola runwell sport review

Shinola Runwell Sport Review | Green Band

shinola runwell sport review

shinola runwell sport green

shinola green 48mm runwell sport

Time For Our First Shinola Runwell Sport Review!

It was an exciting day here at Watch Gnome in our watch battery replacement service center because we had our first Shinola Runwell Sport review with a Green Band come into the shop! (We'll be honest, work stopped for a few minutes while our staff and technicians checked out this beautiful Shinola sport watch).

We have changed hundreds of other Shinola's via our Shinola watch battery replacement service, but this is the first Sport with a Green band we've seen - so we decided to give it a watch technician's review.

Shinola Runwell Sport Review With Green Band

Overall Opinion

4.8 of 5.0

This watch is a show stopper. The green band and black face immediately catch your attention and the rest of the details continue to amaze. The bezel is also a matching green which really ties the details together. We got the larger version, the 48mm and liked the size. It would be a little large for some of us in the office, but a couple of men who were about 5'8" all said they would prefer the larger size.

Shinola Sport Face

4.5 of 5.0

As always with Shinola, the face is clean and crisp with the distinctive lightning bolt logo. We like having the date feature too. The white numbers show up crisply on the black surface and stood out perfectly well.

Green Rubber Band & Clasp

4.9 of 5.0

I have always liked the soft leather that Shinola uses on their watches, but sometimes you just need something that can get wet or be a bit more durable for that rafting trip, camping or just beating around town at the game. This band will do exactly that - with a little more style than your usual band. The only downside is on the texture & writing on the inside of the band - it is likely to gather a little dirt and grime and will need fairly regular cleaning. Not a huge issue though.

Shinola Movement

4.8 of 5.0

This Runwell Sport uses the Argonite 715 movement which we have really come to appreciate. It's workings a precise and durable and use a larger battery than some other movements. While this is the first of this exact style of watch, we have changed dozens of Argonite 715 movements and they have a great Watch Battery Restart Rate.

Shinola Runwell Sport Price

We've looked at these a number of times and you can expect to pay about $600+ for one of these watches depending on which store you choose and whether you can find a Shinola Runwell Sport sale price. Do we think this watch is worth it? We have a number of people shopping online as I type this I'll let you decide for yourself.

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