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skagen battery life

Skagen Battery Life: What to expect

Here at WatchGnome, we are often asked by our online battery replacement customers "how long should my Skagen battery life be?" or how often should I need to change my Skagen battery.

While I would like to be incredibly specific, the honest answer is that it depends.

On average, you can expect a classic watch battery to last 18 - 24 months.

But, we will try and clarify a few of the factors below!

skagen battery lifeSkagen battery life factors

  • Type and size of battery: Watch batteries come in an endless array of sizes and powers (voltages). This is one of the primary factors.
  • Features and functions of a watch: Usually, the more features a watch has, the more power it takes to run. For example a chronograph is running extra dials whose mechanics all require additional energy. Or a watch with lights or indiglo may need more power.
  • Temperature: This two factors listed above are much more critical than this on, but with variations in temperature or extreme temperatures may impact the life of your Skagen watch battery.


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How can I tell if my Skagen watch battery is almost dead?

This is another great question. Some watches do come with battery indicators, but most usually do not. However, there are a few indicators you may be able to use as clues:

  1. If your Skagen watch has a light or indiglo function, you may notice this begin to dim (this is rare on Skagen's)
  2. The watch may start to slow down progressively before it stops. After a year or two of regular use, if your watch starts to lose a few minutes - it's probably time for an Skagen watch battery replacement
  3. At the end of the day, it's most likely that you will go to wear your watch one day and notice it has stopped ticking

What do I do when my Skagen watch battery dies?

There are a number of options for replacing a watch battery that range from your local jeweler to an Skagen dealer. As you can imagine though, we are a bit partial on this answer.

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