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Fossil Watch Stop Working?

Uh Oh! But wait, don't panic if your Fossil Watch Stop Working!

With such a beautiful and valuable piece of machinery, it's normal to worry if your favorite Fossil timepiece suddenly stopped working, but odds are, your Fossil Watch just needs a watch battery replacement.

Professional Fossil Battery Replacement

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Why did your Fossil Watch Stop Working?

It's impossible to tell definitively without looking at the specific watch, but there are a few clues you can use.

  • Time: First, how long has it been since you first purchased your Fossil or last replaced your Fossil Watch Battery? Most of they time a battery will last 18-24 months under usual use and conditions. So if it's been in that neighborhood of time, our money is on it just needing a battery.
  • Situation: Has your watch recently been dropped or experienced adverse conditions? Extreme heat, extreme cold, water etc.? If so, it's possible that the time keeping mechanisms have been damaged. If none of these has occured, it's again likely you just need a battery and you shouldn't worry that your Fossil Watch Stop Working.
  • Test: At the end of the day, regardless of the situation getting a Fossil watch battery replacement is your most cost effective method.
  • Having your watch inspected usually costs between $50 and $100 by a watch jeweler and if something is broken, the price is sure to increase.
  • Getting a new battery is the perfect test and only costs $30 with WatchGnome.
  • Fossil's are finely crafted and usually cost upwards of $200, so $30 to get it running again is definitely worth it in the long run. Over the years, we have gotten hundreds of Fossil watches that had stopped working - and only 1 of them wasn't fixed by replacing the battery.

So the odds are in your favor!


Watch Gnome Battery Replacement

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