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ebel womens watch battery

Change an Ebel Women’s Watch Battery: A Guide

ebel womens watch batteryDo you have a, Ebel women's watch that needs a new battery? You know it's time when your favorite timepiece stops ticking or you start showing up late.! Here at WatchGnome, we often get questions about what it takes to change a Women's Ebel watch battery before customers order our Ebel Watch Battery Replacement. We have changed hundreds of women's watches over the past few years and wanted to share our insights.


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How To Change An Ebel Women's Watch Battery

This guide is for a specific and very fine, delicate type of Ebel Women's watch shown above. It is usually between 28mm and 36 mm in diameter and does NOT have the standard case back enclosures. Instead, you will notice that access to the movement and Ebel Women's watch battery is actually through the face.

  • Step 1: Gently unscrew the 4-6 gold screws that hold the crystal in place. Be EXTREMELY careful with these screws and make sure to use the correct screwdriver size. They are generally made of gold and extremely soft - so they can be easily dented or stripped. Also, be careful not to use too big a screwdriver because it can scratch the gold sides of the crystal case.
  • Step 2: Once the crystal has been removed, be extremely careful not to hit the dials or face because that can easily be broken. Now the tricky part. 
    • To access the battery you must gently pull the face out and access behind it.
    • Pull the crown out gently 1 or 2 notches and then turn the watch upside down. You will see the face of the watch gently droop down opposite the crown.
    • Take a small screwdriver or fingernail and gently pull the gap wider (to about 1/4 of an inch) and you should be able to see the battery. This is possible to do without damaging the watch because the arm that attaches the crown is slightly flexible. But be VERY VERY gently. They do break.
    • Once you can see the battery, gently pop it out with a screwdriver. Its very likely to be a size 321 watch battery.
    • Insert a new battery without touching it with your skin and pop back into place with a screwdriver. Reset the face.
  • Step 3: Now put the crown case back in place. There should be small grooves that fit the screws, ensure they are aligned correctly and put the screws back in place - gently!

Invest in watch, invest in it's care

If you have invested the money in a high quality Ebel and taken the time to find just the one you want, we recommend getting the battery changed by a reputable professional. While we 100% think that WatchGnome is the best and most efficient choice, we just care that it's done right! Don't cut corners with a fine timepiece when you a looking to change a Ebel Watch Battery.


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